How to update Hdfury with Linux

How to Update HDFury Products on Linux?

1. Determine your HDFury update method:

- HDFury products vary in their update methods. Some can be updated via a web browser, others directly through a USB cable connected to a computer, while some require a USB stick for the process.

- Find the appropriate method in the manual of your HDFury product at

2. Download the necessary firmware:

- Visit to get the latest firmware ISO files for your HDFury product.

3. Update via a USB stick (if required):

- Download Etcher:

- Head to [Etcher's website]( and download the Linux version.

- Follow the installation instructions based on your Linux distribution (often through .AppImage, .deb, or .rpm files).

- Prepare the USB stick:

- Plug the USB into your Linux machine. Remember that flashing will erase all data!

- Use a tool such as `fdisk` or `gnome-disks` to format the USB stick to the FAT32 filesystem.

- Flash the firmware with Etcher:

- Launch Etcher.

- Select "Flash from file" and pick the HDFury firmware ISO file.

- Choose "Select target" for the USB stick.

- Click on "Flash!" and wait for the process to complete.

- Resolve write permissions issue (if encountered):

- If Etcher cannot access the USB, you might need to run it with root privileges. Use `sudo` to start Etcher. Always exercise caution and ensure you select the correct drive.

4. Execute the firmware update:

- Follow the specific steps from your product manual available at based on the chosen update method.

5. Verify the update:

- After the update process, power on your HDFury product and check the firmware version to confirm successful installation.